Golf Pro Tips - How to Fix an Over the Top Swing

Golf Over Swing Tips - Get your golf swing back on track

A lot of golfers struggle with over-the-top swings.

This is no joke, and most of my golf pros clients have had incredible success with this swing tip! I know it'll work for you too.

People often have difficulty with an exaggerated golf swing. It's the most common swing flaw in the sport.

Over the top swing leads to an open club face, which can lead to a push slice, a pull slice, or a pull hooking.

An over the top swing can be caused by golfers trying to hit the ball solely with their arms. The ball is usually released in a very high trajectory.

*** Below in a YouTube video that shows a golf showing you how to fix this over the top golf swing.

An over the top golf swing can be detrimental to a golfer's game. It causes a golfer to hit the ball too far in front of them and it makes it difficult to control the direction of their shot.

The cause of an over-the-top swing is usually due to one or more of these factors:

1) Tilting Head Down

2) Closing Shoulder

3) Exaggerated Downswing

4) Lack of Hips and Legs

5) Weak Uppercut from the ground

6) Poor Grip

Fix an over the top golf swing:

⛳ Place your hands lower on the club

⛳ Move your hands to the right on the grip

⛳ Extend arms and take a shorter backswing

⛳ Balance weight evenly across both legs

⛳ Ensure a straight back and firm, locked wrists