Golf Fitness Tips Video - 2 Drills to Help Golf Swing

Golf Training Video - Golf Swing Drills for Fitness & Mobility

Making sure you stay healthy is key to continuing to play the game we all love for years. So its important to stretch and do certain basic drills that can help you stay healthier on the course and maybe even improve your game! 

Using resistance bands can help your golf swing and below is a video from the Alex Elliot golf tips YouTube channel. 

This is a video on the two BASIC drills that make the golf swing SO SIMPLE!


SHOULDERS ARE SO KEY TO extend the right arm through impact and stop the flying right elbow and chicken wing!! build the correct arm motion as well as MORE speed and power for good!

These two super simple drills WILL make the golf swing so much easier and it just might transform your whole golf swing! 

This drill is addressing the fitness and mobility side of golf. This simple golf drill is super simple and is for all abilities. Overall, this will help to get the club working around the body! It is a great feeling.

From this you should be able to strike your driver, hit your driver straight, hit your driver further, hit your driver on the up, hit your irons pure, strike your irons pure, hit more fairways!!

This is so important for all levels of golfers no matter age or ability this will really help you improve your golf swing!

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