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Golf Practice at Home: ⛳Golf Chipping Nets

Ready to be become better at chipping a golf ball?

We cover how to chip a golf ball, the best clubs to use for chipping and the benefits of owning a golf chipping net.

A chip is a tactical shot in golf where the player lifts the ball into the air. Once the ball hits the ground, a proper chip will result in a long roll.

Chipped shots are perfect if your ball is buried in the grass or if you're trying to navigate a downhill slope.

We all love the sport of golf and everything that comes with it. Yet it can be a tough challenging sport and why you need to practice all of your golf shots as much as possible.

That's why at home golf training has become so popular over the last year since the Covid 19 pandemic has made going to the driving range, chipping range or golf course more of a challenge.

More people have gotten different golf training aids to help keep their golf swing in tact.

You can get either golf practice nets of all sizes to practice your irons and woods, a golf cage to practice your driving or a pitching or a collapsible chipping net to practice your chip shots.

Your chipping is an instrumental skill for your short game. The best golfers devote many hours to honing their chip shots just right, and that practice can be the difference between par and a triple-bogey, or worse.

What is Golf Chipping?

The chip is a short-game shot typically used off the green from around 40 yards and in. In most cases, it involves hitting the ball onto the green with a very short swing and letting the ball roll towards the hole.

Chipping is one of the most common shots that all golfers will face out on the golf course. It helps to have a really nice touch here but its also about building the muscle memory with constant chipping practice.

If you're a golfer looking to improve their short game, then it's important that you practice the chip shot. The best way to do this is with a good practice net or chipping net that you can use anytime at home.

You can also get a golf chipping game like a golf cornhole set that plays like cornhole but with chipping.  Both fun and great short game practice!

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Golfing Practice Chip Nets

What is a Golf Chipping Net?

A golf chipping net is a type of golf net that is the perfect tool for a golfer who wants to practice their chip shots at home.

It's portable and allows you to hone your skills with better accuracy than most other options out there.

The beauty of these chipping golf nets is that they can be set up in minutes without any tools and portable enough to take anywhere.

A good chipping net can help you improve your accuracy and control, which will increase the chances of getting par or birdie.

So it helps to have the best golf net that you can use real golf balls with to practice those important chips.

golf chipping nets

Benefits of using a Golf Chipping Net

There are some great benefits to using one of these chipping practice nets, including the ability to improve your short game and accuracy, use it indoors or outdoors as well as....

1. Practice your chipping in the comfort of home 

2. Improves chipping accuracy 

3. Increase confidence on the course

4. Practice around the clock in any weather condition 

5. Makes practicing more fun and competitive (Fun backyard golf games)

6. The net is lightweight and easy to transport

7. Develop a consistent swing to improve accuracy and distance control 

8. It's a great way to warm up before playing a round of golf 

You can use a golf chipping net to practice your short game at home for less money than practicing on the course or at the driving range.

The golf chipping net allows you to focus solely on hitting shots in front of you so that you know what's going wrong while it is happening.

What clubs are best for Chipping a Golf Ball?

Short irons and wedges (9-iron, pitching wedge, gap wedge etc.) are most commonly used to hit chip shots because they offer an ideal balance between trajectory and rollout.

A pitching wedge is a good all-purpose choice for beginners and amateurs to chip with. Eventually, once you develop feel and skill, you can expand into other clubs.

Choose a club with the right ratio

A ratio refers to the distance you want the ball to fly compared to the distance you want it to roll after.

Because chip shots are used to get your ball out of the grass and back on course, you can estimate the distance from the grassed ball to the green, plus the distance you want the ball to go on the green.

You can measure the distances by using footsteps. For instance, if your ball is five steps away from the green and the hole is ten steps following that, you will have a 1-to-2 ratio.

  • A sand wedge is good for a 1-to-1 ratio from the grass to the green.
  • A pitching wedge is good for a 1-to-2 ratio.
  • A 9-iron is a 1-to-3 ratio.

Typical situations on course that you would use a chip shot

* When you’re in the greenside rough and have at least some green to work with

* When you’re on the fringe of the green and it’s just not practical to putt (yet we usually do!)

* When you’re in the fairway just short of the green or in a closely-mown area near the green.

* When you’re on the fairway and you can see that a chip shot is necessary to avoid obstacles like trees, pot bunkers, or water hazards.

Some top golf chipping tips are...

* Try to aim for a spot in the middle of your chipping net's circle. That way, you can practice different types of chips and pitches every time without having to reposition yourself or the golf chipping net.

* Practice hitting chips and pitches from different lies to improve your accuracy and distance control.

* Use a ball that is similar to the one you use on the course, such as a Titleist Pro V-Series, Vice golf ball or of course Tiger Woods favorite golf ball, the Bridgestone Tour B-330.

* Buy a golf chipping net and try these golf chipping tips for more practice at home!

🎯 Golf Pro Phil Mickelson Chipping Shot Tips - Chipping 101 Video

What is Best Way to Practice Chipping at Home?

Have you been looking for a way to practice your chip shots at home?

The golf chipping net is the perfect tool for a golfer who wants to hone their skills. It's portable and allows you to practice with better accuracy than most other options out there.

The beauty of these nets is that they can be set up in minutes without any tools and are portable enough to take anywhere.

You'll have more time on the course, less frustration on the range, and improved ball control when it counts - all because of this one simple investment!

All you need is some space outside or inside (or even in your garage) and a few minutes of spare time! Get yours today!  

Get a Golf Chipping Net for Home

We offer a variety of golf practice nets including golf chipping nets. We also have the 1 meter (3 foot wide) golf net that can be used for chipping.

Then we also have a few bigger chipping nets for the backyard and the always fun golf cornhole games, which is another fun way to practice your chipping shots.

Either way, a golf chipping net or practice net is probably your best value all around when it comes to at home golf practice and training.

It gives you the ability to chip golf balls year round in your yard for the same price as a round of 9 hole golf or a long day at the driving range!

Before long you will be getting as excited as Tiger Woods after chipping a ball in!

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