Things to Do at Home to Improve Your Golf Game

Golfing at Home During the Lockdown 
Social Distancing Golf Products

One of the most difficult things to do as an amateur golfer is to practice and improve your golf game. For many, it simply comes down to time constraints. Juggling work, family life, friends and other interests, along with golf is not easy.

Now we have a new challenge to face as golfers, the spread of Covid-19. This has led to many people being asked to remain at home, which means no access to the golf course or driving range. 

Plus it might be a while until we are all able to enjoy the golf course and golf ranges.  Now is the time to consider how to keep your golf game sharp while staying at home and practicing social distancing.

However, there is one solution which is to practice golf at home. The question is, what can you do at home to improve your golf game?


1- Golf Driving Net

2- Golf Pitching Net for Backyard

3- Indoor Putting Green

4- Golf Cornhole Pitching Game

5- Golf Swing Trainer

One of the easiest ways to improve your golf game at home is by practicing your putting in a room of the house. Doing this on a short pile carpet is probably the best way as the ball will generally run smooth but the carpet will still provide enough friction to mimic a green. However, having access to an indoor putting green will allow you to precisely work on your putting at home.

It is possible to purchase a high quality wooden indoor putting green which comes with different proficiency levels and an auto ball return function. using this device will allow you to practice your putting to a high standard whenever you like at home.

Continuing the theme of practicing golf indoors and you could invest in a golf swing trainer. These can be ordered and delivered to your door. There are different options available and the smallest will allow you to work on and improve your golf swing indoors.

There are also larger versions that would need to be set up in the garden. Some golf swing trainers will allow you to check if the ball has hit the sweet spot of the club while others help to define your swing plane.

Golf Training Net & Mat

For those who have access to a garden, using a golf net is a great way to improve your golf game at home. You will need to try and find a safe spot in the garden to set up the golf net and you can then begin playing shots with a wide variety of clubs. However, you should have an idea of the exact shot you are trying to play.

For example, are you hitting an approach shot to the green from 120 yards or driving down a dogleg left fairway? Having played the shot, think about the quality of the contact with the ball and the trajectory of the short when it hit the golf net.

Are you striking the ball in the center of the club? Are you hitting the ball straight or is it slicing? By thinking about these things, you can work on them using the golf net and improve your game. Use the golf net to fine-tune your swing and use the time you have at home wisely to become a better player.

You are advised to choose one which comes with a polyester floor to collect the balls. This stops them from rolling away from you and makes them easier to collect.

Golf training nets are very easy to set up and durable, meaning you can use them again and again for years to come. Plus you can easily pack it up and bring it anywhere including a park, a friends house or anywhere else you want to practice your golf swing.



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