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Golf Pro Tips - How to Fix an Over the Top Swing

Golf Over Swing Tips - Get your golf swing back on track A lot of golfers struggle with over-the-top swings. This is no joke, and most of my golf pros clients have had incredible success with this swing tip! I know it'll work for you too. People often have difficulty with an exaggerated golf swing. It's the most common swing flaw in the sport. Over the top swing leads to an open club face, which can lead to a push slice, a pull slice, or a pull hooking. An over the top swing can be caused by golfers trying to hit the ball solely with their arms. The ball is usually released in a very high trajectory. *** Below in...

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Phil Mickelson How to Chip the Golf Ball - Golf Chipping Tips

Golf Chipping Practice Tips - Golf Pro Chip Tips A chip shot is a tactical shot in golf where the player lifts the ball into the air. Once the ball hits the ground, a proper chip will result in a long roll. Chipped shots are perfect if your ball is buried in the grass or if you're trying to navigate a downhill slope. Short game legend Phil Mickelson demonstrates the three basic keys of how to hit more consistent chip shots.   Ready to be become better at chipping a golf ball?  Check out our Golf Chipping post where we cover how to chip a golf ball, the best clubs to use for chipping and the benefits of owning a...

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