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Golf Net Bundles - Golf Net, Golf Mat, Practice Balls & Tee Sets

** Special Golf Bundles - Golf Nets, Golf Mats & Golf Balls  We have a number of new bundles that include everything you need including the golf net, golf mat, along with 16 practice balls and rubber tees.  The larger bundle sets also include a free golf gift of 10 unbreakable tees that are some of the best tees Ive ever used.    ---> 2m Golf Net & 30x60 mat with rubber tee ($129) ---> 3m Golf Net SET with 30x90 Golf Mat & Practice Balls..... ($189) ---> 3m Golf Net & 3x3 foot golf mat with tees & balls ($239) ---> 3m Premium Golf Net & 3x5 Golf Mat, Balls & Tees ($299) ---> 3m Premium Golf Net & Thick Golf Mat, Balls and Tee ($349)...

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How to Setup the Golf Practice Net

Setting up the Golf Training Net - 10 Foot Golf Net Setting the golf practice net up is a pretty easy process and takes about 5-10 minutes.  Most of the sets will come with instructions, but if not, you can watch the video below of someone setting the bigger 10-foot golf hitting net.  Take Advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and hit the green and target with every shot by utilizing The Golfing Eagles Practice Golf Net.  GET A NEW GOLF NET TODAY  We now have many golf net bundles that also include a golf mat, practice balls and tees.  NEW GOLF NET BUNDLES ---> New 2020 3m Golf Net SET with Golf Mat & Practice Balls..... ($189) ---> 3m Deluxe Golf Net Set with Bigger Golf...

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How To Play Golf Cornhole in 2020

Golf Cornhole Game - Backyard Golf Chipping Game Golf Chipping Cornhole is the ultimate outdoor game that combines the fun of golf with cornhole! Its called Chippo, Battlechip and many other names but it basically comes down to using your golf chipping skills and your cornhole skills!! Now you can host your own golf cornhole tournament in the backyard and compete over the course of 9 holes with 2-4 players of all skill levels for the title of BattleChip champ!  Here are some rules on how to get your own golf cornhole game going. HOW TO PLAY Step 1: Set up the boards as depicted below.Step 2: Find three friends (or highly skilled pets) and start chipping!The gameplay is reminiscent of cornhole,...

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