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GOLF TIPS: How to Drive the Golf Ball Straight in 2022

Pro golfers must have the mental toughness to be able to hit a golf ball straight when it is all on the line.

It's not always about making the perfect swing, but rather getting the head of the club to align with your follow-through after contact.

how to drive the golf ball

Normal golfers really need help with driving and no doubt if you can drive the ball straight, you are more likely to have a good round of golf.

This post has tips to help drive the ball better including:

⛳ Use the right grip.

⛳ Align your shoulders with the target.

⛳ Keep your head steady, eyes on the ball and shoulder back.

⛳ Use a semi-stiff left arm, not bent.

⛳ Move the club head to take a divot to keep it down and level with the ground.

You must have that confidence that you are going to not hit the ball out of bounds, or hit a weak grounder instead of that big home run blast.

1. Setting up your stance and grip for a better swing

When you want to learn how to play golf, you don't just jump on the green and start swinging. You need to make sure that your stance is correct and that you have a solid grip on the club so it doesn't slip out of your hands.

The correct grip on a club is the grip where the hand and club are in the same plane.

The degree of stiffness depends on the player's age and their level of experience.

For example, a senior player may require a more relaxed grip, while a beginner or intermediate player may require a firmer grip.

A player's swing will also determine how stiff a grip they will need on the club and what type of grip they should be using.

A player with an aggressive swing, for example, may require a firmer grip so that they can control the club more effectively.

For those who are more experienced with golf, they may choose to change their stance so they can put more power behind their swing.

One great thing about doing your stance is that you can make any changes to it when you want without feeling too frustrated. It's still not advised to make major changes though, especially if this is something new to you.

2. Manage the way you set up to deliver weight into the ball for better golf-swing control

With swing pressure, the golfer has more control over the ball's power. The pressure that is put on the club during the downswing is then released when it reaches a certain point in its trajectory.

A swing pressure helps you get greater power and control of your golf ball.

As you near impact with the ball, you need to start slowing your body down to maintain or increase your swing speed as you release some of that generated swing pressure.

Release too much and your shot will lack power or be too weak; release too little and your shot will lack accuracy and go off target.

3. Poor alignment can lead to slicing and hooking. To avoid these, make sure your stance is correct.

Common alignment errors include slicing and hooking. Slicing occurs when the club face is open to the target line and the ball slices off the clubface.

Hooking occurs when the face is closed to the target line and results in a ball that curves away from a straight path.

The following are some tips for getting your alignment right:

- Align your shoulders or hips parallel with your intended target line

- Use alignment aids such as lines, markings on shoes, a golf mat, or even a string to help you get in position

- Take time to make sure that you are lined up correctly before hitting each shot

golf practice nets

4. Focus on accuracy and distance control when driving the golf ball

The golfer must take into consideration many different factors while putting the ball in play. One of these factors is accuracy. The golfer should focus on accuracy and distance control when driving the golf ball.

Accuracy is a measure of how close to target the golfer hits their golf ball. Distance control is how far away from target the golfer hits their golf ball.

__________  GOLF QUOTE BREAK ____________

‘The most important shot in golf is the next one.’ – Ben Hogan

Mr. Ben Hogan was a man of few words, but he chose them wisely. He is widely regarded as one of the finest golfers of all time, and seems more famous today.


5. Minimum backswing so you can see your target before you hit it

The backswing is the movement of the club away from the ball before you make contact. It's also known as the "pre-shot routine."

People who take golf lessons can learn to control and manipulate their backswing, which can help them shape the trajectory of their shots.

The general rule for a good backswing is that you should be able to see your target while still having a reasonable amount of room in front of you. This will prevent overshooting and ensure that your swing has room to maneuver.

6. Practice stances when driving golf ball for different wind conditions

The most common stance for all wind conditions is the parallel stance. This means that both feet are parallel which makes it easier to hit shots from this stance because it cannot be knocked off balance as easily.

When the player is aiming to play a shot that requires an open clubface, they would use a wide stance with one foot closer to the ball and the other about 6 inches behind.

If they are aiming to play a shot with a closed clubface, they would use an open stance with both feet next to each other and their weight evenly distributed on both feet.

hole golf driving ranges

7. Make sure to stay balanced on your feet

The golf ball should be struck with a slight downward swing, keeping your head down and your weight on the heels.

This section is about how to strike the golf ball. The advice to keep your head down and your weight on the heels is good advice for when you are trying to make a solid shot that is low in trajectory.

A golfer needs to feel balanced on his or her feet in order to get the most power from their swing.

If a player stands too close to the ball, they will feel off balance and may not be able to get in a full swing.

If a golfer stands too far away from the ball, they will not be able to generate enough force and their shots will not go as far.

A standard position for a golfer is to stand shoulder width apart, with the ball just ahead of your toes.

The correct width of stance for your height and weight should go about as far as one's foot span.


Golf is a sport that has been played for centuries, and there are many ways to improve one's game.

Driving that little while ball in golf is a skill that must be mastered because its important to start off your hole with a good shot in the fairway, versus that shot that goes crazy to the right and into the woods or water.


With practice, driving the golf ball can be mastered and you can drive the ball long and straight on a consistent basis. The key is practice at the driving range, and then practice some more by getting out on the course. 

If you cant get to the driving range or on the course, then the next best thing is to get a golf practice net or golf cage for your home. They can be used indoors or outdoors and can help improve your driving game. 

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