Deluxe Golf Cage Instructions - How to Setup Golf Cage

10x10x10 Golf Cage Instructions

Setting up the Golf Cage at Home

This is a top of the line golf cage that has superior golf netting and that will last longer than most golf cages. 

No doubt its a solid choice IF you want to use your golf cage like a driving range and actually use your driver! 

🏌️‍♂️ These instructions are for this 10x10x10 Golf Cage setup - $789

Below are the Golf Cage Instructions on how to setup the complete golf cage package. 


For these instructions the "back" of the golf cage is the side that the baffle hangs parallel to.  The "front" is the side that does not have a pole at the bottom.

A 3- Way Corner (6)
B 2-Way Corner (2)
C Baffle Tee
D 10' pieces of 1" EMT 
E Golf Net
F Golf Baffle
G Golf Target

1- Lay out
the four top 3-way corners (A) into a ~10x10 square.  Lay the EMT (D) between the corners.

2- Prepare the poles by sliding the Baffle Tees (C) onto opposing EMT poles (D). Maker sure the eyebolts are facing up. Also, lay another piece of EMT (D) between the Baffle Tees (C).

3- Assemble the top by inserting the poles into the corner (A). Start with one of the poles with a Baffle Tee (C) and slide the corners over each side. Make sure the corners point down and in. 

Now move on to the poles that are perpendicular to the Baffle Tee (C) pole.  Insert all 3 poles into the Corners (A) and the Baffle Tee (C).

Slide on the final two corners and place the remaining EMT (D) with the Baffle Tee (C) into those corners. You should now have a closed square with a pole in the middle 

4- Tighten the corners (A) onto the EMT (D). Hand tightening should be sufficient, it is just supposed to keep the poles from sliding. Do not tighten the two Baffle Tee eyebolts on the outside pipe. This will allow you to easily adjust your baffle location. 

5- Attach the Legs by inserting 4 pieces of EMT (D) into the Corners (A). Tighten the Corners (A) onto the EMT (D) legs. 

6- Attach the Bottom Corners (A&B) to the leg EMTs (D) you just secured. Make sure the 2-way Corners are at the front, opposite the baffle and pointing towards the rear. 

7- Connect the corners with the remaining 3 pieces of EMT (D), Tighten the corners onto the pipe. 

8. Lay out your net (E) inside the frame. Find the 2 S-Hooks with red tabs. That is the top, front of the net. The other color signifies the top back of the net.  The netting should rest on the loose cords (front to back as indicated by the heavy black dotted line on the diagram) to create your top edges. 

9. Hang your net (E) by hooking the s-hooks through the rings of the corners. 

10. Attach your baffle (F) to the cross bar. Adjust the distance of the cross bar from the back of net to your desired position and feed the toggles through the net and attach them to the baffle.

11. Attach your target (G) in front of the baffle. Let the bottom of the target hang loose to prolong 

Golf Cage Complete Set

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