Top 9 Office Putting Sets To Make Your Office Awesome!

Top 2022 Office Putting Green Sets 

An office putting set is a great way to keep both your golf putting game sharp and keep your employees entertained and happy.

It makes the perfect golf gift and can be used year round. It is the gift and golf training aid that keeps on giving!

Buying an office putting green can be a daunting task, but with the help of this post, you'll be able to make an informed decision and buy the right putting set for your needs.

In this post, we'll review the top three office putting sets in the budget, mid-range, and more expensive office putting mat sets.

What to know before you buy an office putting set

There are many different putt putt sets on the market, with different features and prices.

Putting greens can range from basic smaller 1 hole $49 putting greens to the bigger professional like 5x10 foot putting mats with 3 steel golf cups and flags.

If you are looking for an office putting set, you will want to make sure of a few things:

- That it is the right size for your office and can fit in the space. Most putting mats are between 7 and 12 feet long, and between 1.5 and 6 feet wide.

- The green should be durable and made of a material that can withstand wear and tear.

- An easy setup process so you can easily move it between home and the office.

Features to look for in an office putting mat

  • The number of golf holes and flags
  • Some putting greens have a slope feature to create different levels on the putting surface
  • Does it include a putter and balls, some of the bundles include everything you need to start putting
  • Does it have a ball return system or automatic ball return

The Price of Office Putting Set - Budget, Midrange & Expensive Office Putting Mat

When looking to buy an office putting set, it is important to first consider your budget and what features you need.

We have listed three different office putting sets in the budget, midrange and more expensive categories.

If you are looking for a quality set that will last for years, the more expensive options are the best option for you.

However, if you are on a budget, the budget or midrange options will be a perfect fit.

Top 3 Budget Office Putting Sets

If you are on a budget and need an indoor putting mat, here are three options that will work on a budget.

These are fine options if you just need to practice your putting and not looking to get an expensive putting green. They will make you feel like you are on the golf course and help with your golf game.

#1 - Golf Putting Cup with Ball Return - $39

If you're looking for a really basic putting option, then this golf putting cup is a solid choice. You can easily setup anywhere and use the putting cup to practice your golf putting game. It is also very easy to bring anywhere.

View Golf Putting Cup - $39

#2- Seven (7) Foot Basic Putting Mat for Office - $49

Looking to get your putting game on track without breaking the bank? Check out our top budget office putting set.

This 7 foot long putting green has a single regulation size hole and has an automatic ball return feature.

View 7 Foot Budget Putting Green

#3- 3x9 Foot Basic 3 hole Putting Green - $69

This is another well priced basic putting mat you can use at the office. A little bigger at 3x9 feet with 3 holes makes this a good choice to practice your golf putting.

View 3x9 Office Putting Set

Top Medium Priced Office Putting Greens

There's no need to break the bank to get a great putting green setup for your office.

In this blog post, we have compiled the top three medium priced office putting greens that are perfect for any golfer.

Each set comes with different features, such as an automatic green golf ball return, making it easy to practice putting at the office and take it home for the weekend.

#4- 10 Foot Premium Mat Double Hole Putting Green with Balls - $149

Looking for a great mid range indoor putting game that comes with all the bells and whistles?

Look no further than the Top Medium Priced Office Putting Green.

This indoor putting mat is 1.6x 10 feet long and features two golf holes and flag. It also comes with 3 practice balls, making it perfect for practicing your putting skills.

View 1.6x10 Foot Office Putting Green

#5- Skee Ball Putting Game Set with Putter & Balls - $139

This is another medium priced putting green that will add style and function to your office space.

This is a very unique putting game that's sure to be a hit in the office. Plus, the set comes complete with the putter and balls, perfect for starting off your putting sessions.

View the Skee Ball Putting Game for Office

#6 - Wooden 10 Foot Putting Green with Ball Return, Putter & Balls - $189

If you're looking for a unique game to keep your office entertained, then try out this sharp wooden putting set.

This game comes with a universal putter and 6 practice golf balls, making it easy to get started.

This is not as easy to setup and move around, but its a pretty solid putting green and looks sharp.

View the Wooden Putting Green Set

Best High Quality Office Putting Sets

We have put together the best high quality putt greens that will be perfect for the office. We have chosen three putting mat sets that are both affordable and of great quality.

#7 - Unique Office Putting Green with 4 Holes, Ball Return & Slope - $329

If you are in the market for a high quality office putting mat, then you need to check out this super unique Putting Green.

This putting green is perfect for practicing your short putts and long shots, and comes with an array of features that will make your putting experience a lot more enjoyable.

For instance, it has 4 holes that makes it great for practicing your short putts or long shots.

Additionally, it has an adjustable slope to make the putts more challenging. It also a real feel green turf to give a feeling of the real putting greens.

View the 3x10 Foot 4 Hole Office Putting Set

#8 - Professional 5x10 Golf Office Putting Set with 3 Hole - $399

If you're looking for the best office putting set that will provide you with top-quality practice, look no further than this real feel green Golf Office Putting Set.

This is a 5x10 feet putting green mat that comes with three holes and flags. It is perfect for avid golfers who want to improve their game at home or at the office, as the quality is second to none.

Plus, it is very easy to set up and use - you wont have any trouble making the most of this perfect putting green! It also comes in other sizes.

View the 5x10 Golf Office Putting Set

#9 - Top Office Putting Set - 5x10 Putting Green with Putter, Slope & Balls - $489

Do you need a real top of the line office putting set?

If so, then this 5x10 putting green mat with 3 holes and flags, is a solid choice. It also comes complete with a putter and golf balls.

Not only is this putting set of high quality, but it also comes with a lot of great features.

First and foremost, the green size is huge - measuring in at 5x10 with three holes and putting cup and flags.

Additionally, the slope and putter are also included in the package, making it easy for you to practice your putting skills on the go.

Plus, the two way putter makes it easier for you to hit putts from different angles.

Check out the 5x10 Top Golf Putting Set


The office putting set is a must-have for any office. It will be the perfect addition to your desk and will help you step away from work for a little bit.

Golfing is a great way to spend time with co-workers and get some exercise. It also provides a great opportunity to have a break from the office, which can be beneficial for mental health.

Incorporating an office putting set into your office can help you take advantage of these benefits.

Putting greens can provide an excellent source of entertainment for employees when they need it or just want to take a break from work.

They also allow employees to have fun with their colleagues and bond with them in a healthy way.

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