How to Setup 10 Foot Golf Net - Backyard Golf Nets

Golf Practice Net Setup - Basic 3m Golf Nets

If you want to get better at golf from home, you need the right golf training tools. Golf nets are the first tool in any professional or amateur golfer’s toolbox, and getting a good net should be your top priority.

Setting the 10 Foot (3M) Golf Practice Net up is a pretty simple process and takes about 5-10 minutes.



While the installation of the basic 1m, 2m or 3m golf hitting net is pretty easy, there are some things to consider and prepare for in order to keep your golf net and the surrounding area safe.

⛳ Decide Where You Want to Put the Golf Net

Choose a proper spot for your net. While your net should catch all shots, it is ideal to place the net in a setting where minimal danger or damage will occur if shots miss the net.

⛳ Prepare The Ground if Outdoors, space if Indoors. 

Level the ground in front of the net so you will have a flat hitting area. This may require a shovel for severe slopes, or simply a dirt rake for ground that is already fairly level and has loose soil.

⛳ Get a Golf Practice Mat to Hit Balls into Golf Net

A golf practice mat goes hand in glove with a golf hitting net, since the best training tools mimic the environment out on the golf course. There are two factors that differentiate golf mats: the size of the golf mat and the turf type.

⛳ Get the Golf Net Setup in under 5 Minutes VIDEO

Most of the golf net sets will come with instructions, but if you need further help, you can⚡ watch the video here of someone setting up the bigger 10-foot golf hitting net in about 5 minutes. 

This net is easy to assemble and takes very little time to fold down. It comes with a polyester carry bag for convenient storage and easy transportation. 


GET A NEW GOLF NET TODAY - Home Driving Range

Golf Net (1 Meter) = $59.99 SALE ** Small 3 foot wide net not meant for driving

Golf Net (2 Meter) = $ 79.99 ** This net is 6 feet wide and 4.5 feet high

Golf Net (3 Meter) = $119.99 ** This net is 10 feet wide and 6.5 feet high


We have many golf hitting net bundles that also include a golf mat, practice balls and tees. 

⛳ 2M Golf Net, 30x60 Mat & Practice Balls - $99

⛳ 3m Golf Net, Tri Turf Golf Mat & Practice Balls - $149

⛳ 3m Golf Net & 3x3 Foot Golf Mat with tees & balls ($199) ** 10 Foot Golf Net with bigger 36x36 inch Golf Mat with Rubber Tee

⛳ 3m Premium Golf Net & 3x5 Golf Mat, Balls & Tees ($269) ** 10 Foot Deluxe Golf Net & Bigger Thicker Golf Mat

**** NEED HELP?  If you have any questions about getting your new golf net setup or how to get replacement parts, contact us today and we can help. 

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